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Now you don't need 1000's of followers on YouTube or Instagram to make money from your online guitar content.


Buy any SoundLad Liverpool pedal.

Register as a member by clicking the little head and shoulders job in the menu bar. (TOP left 3 bars on mobile - Login - Create Profile) - this way I've got a register of who's using codes etc and can give you a heads up on upcoming stuff.

Send us a picture of your pedal’s serial number and your Paypal details via Instagram so I can send you cash and make sure nobody duplicates your pedal's serial.

We will send you a unique “10% off” promotional code for that pedal.

Include this promotional code in your online content, have it handy at a gig for when someone asks about your pedalboard, or pop it on your website if you used the pedal on your EP/album.

Every time your unique promotional code gets used on our website to purchase that pedal we will send a £10 gift to your Paypal account, no minimums, no maximums. You sell a thousand of them, I'm sending you ten grand.

Our commitment this end will be to the best of our ability keep stock levels up for a quick turnaround for you. Things like component shortages are still a problem at the minute but we'll do our best to make sure we are well equipped for whatever success you see from your efforts.


Promo codes are subject to completion of purchase and will be sent once the statutory returns period has expired. Cash gifts are subject to completion of purchase by the third party and will be sent once the statutory returns period of their purchase has expired. £10 gift may be subject to Paypal fees. Your taxes are your responsibility.

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